Find What Tools Work For You - YouTube

In our practice, we see individuals that have a chronic illness, or want to optimize their health because they are committed to the path of healing.

These are individuals that have already usually tried other things that are out there.

They're already doing some sort of mindfulness practice. They're already doing some sort of movement practice.

Still, they aren't sure what individualized tools will work for them and allow them to have the necessary road to get to the path of health.

There was a patient who had just gone through a three month program with us, and then came in for her end visit with their program. She's experienced bloating and GI pain for 20 out of 28 years of her life, and she came to see us.

We found foods for her to avoid. We also talked about ways for her to decrease her stress. We talked about other foods that she can incorporate, so she doesn't feel restricted in what you can eat.

Within three months she hasn't experienced any GI pain, and now her bloating is completely gone.

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We hope that you can have the tools to heal yourself for the rest of your life.