Gain The Tools To Overcome

Gain The Tools to Overcome - YouTube

It's something that I have to live with my entire life. And it was something that was incurable. When I was 15, I remember sitting in freshman year history class and it was first day of school and we all went around to introduce ourselves. We got to my turn and spotlight was on me and I froze. My hands got sweaty and I went, hi, my name is... Kolby Ourada.

Well, I've had a stammer or stutter my whole entire life. I did speech pathology, I did speech therapy, all the conventional approaches. And I was told by every conventional doctor out there that there's something that I'd have to live with my entire life. And was something that was incurable. Not until I focused on my nutrition, supplements, mindfulness practices, breath work, relaxation techniques, that I gained the confidence to have the ability to even say my first name with confidence.

I believe that we all have the tools inside us to overcome anything that any conventional doctor or alternative doctor has told us you can't overcome. Hi, my name is Dr. Kolby Ourada and I'm a naturopathic doctor. I help empower and educate people to optimize their health and find their truth.