People Taking Too Many Supplements

5 People Taking So Many Suppl - YouTube

So I just saw a patient the other day and her functional medicine doctor prescribed her all this. And I said, for what? And she said, well, for my SIBO, for my IBS, for my candida, for all my hormone deficiencies, for my glutathione deficiency, for my MTHFR gene mutation, for my anxiety, for my depression.

I was like, okay, okay. Well, why don't you just trade me all of this and I'll teach you how to tap into your body's self healing potential. Guys, this is not healing. The body is able to heal itself. We just have to support it with the foundation and the body takes care of all these things on its own.

We can take supplements for vitamins and minerals and things that our body can't make on its own, but this is no different from conventional medicine guys. It's just a supplement for a symptom.

We're better than that. Come on!