How to INSTANTLY & PERMANENTLY identify the foods causing you problems

without long elimination diets or expensive food tests that don’t actually work

Take the food intolerance evaluation that is changing lives!

The Food Intolerance Evaluation is designed to give you definitive answers to what foods are causing you problems and how to avoid them practically and sustainably for long-lasting health.



► Easy at-home sample collection (no long blood draws)

► Beautiful custom guides to be successful with incorporating your intolerance

► ‘Office hours’ over Zoom to answer specific questions

► Access to educational video content on our private platform to provide the necessary resources to thrive

► Specific guides to your intolerance with recipes, tips, and product lists so you can be successful

► Community: Invitation to Haven House, our private online group to ask questions and learn more about different health topics

Don’t Just Listen to Us - Hear it from Other people!

After seeing countless specialists, Christina finally healed her chronic digestive and hormone issues

How Kendra reversed her crazy stomach issues that developed after surgery

Amy's 7 month old daughter's terrible digestive pain disappeared after finding her intolerances

How do we stack up?

"My dream is that every child in America would know their food intolerance."

-Dr. Otis Carroll, ND
Discoverer of the Food Intolerance Evaluation

So what are your Next Steps?

Step 1

Click the button to complete payment online.

Step 2

We will send you a food intolerance evaluation kit right away that can be completed at home and sent back to us using prepaid shipping label.

Step 3

Once we receive your kit and have your results, we will send your results via email and give you access to our online community.