Experience health transformation

with a long-term, sustainable, highly-individualized plan that addresses the foundation of health


Have you tried one of these approaches and not gotten the results you were looking for?

1. Seen various medical specialists who couldn't figure out the problem

2. Seen numerous functional med or alternative docs who did specialized testing and specific protocols that only helped a little, if at all

3. Done your own research online and despite changing your diet, taking supplements, and exercising, you don't feel much better

Their are TWO main reasons why the previous treatments you have tried did not lead to the vibrant health you are seeking:

Most plans are not individualized for YOU specifically

What does this look like?

• Spending thousands of dollars on labs and supplements that don't do anything for you

• All of your bloodwork looks "normal" even though you feel awful

• Doing protocols that are designed for a specific disease, not for you and your life

• Doctors trying to fit you into a box instead of designing a program for your specific needs

• Trying this diet, that diet, this new supplement, that new supplement, on and on

• Being overwhelmed by all the hypocritical info online and not knowing what to do

• Quick appointments that only discuss technical information without diving deeper into who you are

Most plans do not address the FOUNDATION of health

What does this look like?

• Being treated for numbers on paper instead of a unique human being with a unique life situation

• Only being treated for physical ailments without consideration of mental / emotional aspects

• Mainly doing diet, supplement, and exercise modification without addressing larger stressors in your life

• Trying this or that without a clear systematic plan in place

• No conversation about breath, water, sleep, grounding, sunlight, relationships, sex, and other important aspects of your day-to-day experience

Is this what you are looking for?

1. A guide who can understand what you are experiencing and help get you to the root cause of your issue

2. The confidence to know exactly what you should or shouldn’t be eating or taking

3. When you read information online, to easily discern what is relevant to you specifically and what you can ignore

4. To spend less time doing all of your own research so you will have more time manifesting the life that you want to live

6. To have a plan that feels practical, sustainable, and leads to obvious results that you can maintain long-term

7. A deeper understanding of your own body and what you can do to keep yourself healthy on a day-to-day basis

8. Most importantly, regaining the confidence to know that you can feel better and care for yourself with the work that you are putting in


A Program Built for YOU

The Haven Program Journey

Our programs are designed to create and sustain long-lasting health for our patients. Each person we see is a completely unique individual, with a different personality, unique metabolic balance, unique constitution, and different life situation.

Therefore, we design individualized programs from the ground up, tailored specifically for each person’s needs and goals, based around the four foundational pillars of health: detoxification, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset.


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Listen to those who have experienced health transformation!

Mastocytosis is a rare autoimmune disease with no cure that typically leads to premature death. Hear about Natalie's journey healing this serious disease through Haven's program!

Bret is one of founders and coaches for Live Better, a health and wellness organization that helps people to optimize their life through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. Listen to how Haven's programs helped him get to the next level in his training and coaching.

After dealing with chronic digestive issues, heartburn, and hives, Stephanie healed these issues through a holistic approach that addressed her daily life, sleep, diet, and mindset.

What's the process for becoming a patient?

Step 1

Click the button to sign up for a free consultation with one of our doctors.

Step 2

If we feel that you will be a good fit for our services, we will get you on the schedule for your Health History and send you an evaluation kit to complete at home.

Step 3

Once we receive your eval kit and have your results, we will design a unique program for you based on your individual needs to address the foundation of health and get to the very root of the problem.

Through your program, we will work collaboratively to modify and add to your plan at your pace so that reach your health goals in a sustainable way with the knowledge and confidence to continue building greater and greater health long-term.


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