Living holistically isn’t easy in the modern world.

Have you ever felt that you are on an island and you have no friends or family that you can relate to when it comes to your health?

Do you ever feel uncomfortable ordering food out with friends who will judge you because of the modifications you make to your order?

Do you think that there must be healthy restaurants and cool events in your city or online, but you don’t know where to find them?

Do you now know how to filter through the conflicting information online and get specific answers?

Well, we felt the same way. So we started Haven House.

We have found that being part of a community of loving individuals that understand and support your lifestyle choices is an important part of the healing path.

We would like to invite you to our online community, Haven House, where we can connect with and learn from each other around all things health.

What is HaveN House?

Haven House is an online platform we use so that our community can come together and share questions, suggestions, ideas, and connect with one another. It is also a space where our team is able to share the latest events, chats, tips, and much more.

In Haven House, you will

➤ Connect with other like-minded individuals

➤ Ask health questions and share your experiences within a supportive community

➤ Learn our favorite health tips for a huge variety of topics, from sleep, breathing, water, grounding, sex, forgiveness and much more

➤ Download free health guides, watch free webinars, and get access to workshops and challenges

➤ Be the first to hear about both virtual and live events in Chicago and beyond.

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