When I was 10 years old, my grandmother passed away from multiple myeloma. She was 72 years old. Once she was diagnosed, she went downhill quickly. There was not much that could have been done.

After losing multiple family members to cancer and other diseases who did not have great results with conventional therapies, I decided to go to naturopathic medical school to learn how to heal the body naturally.

Going to naturopathic medical school can be overwhelming because you are introduced to so many different therapies and philosophies. One of my naturopathic teachers Dr. Lou always said, “Getting a bunch of naturopaths to agree about something is like trying to heard cats!” That was exactly my experience, especially with diet.

So many nutritional gurus are out there preaching their special diet from the rooftops. Some say animal food is poison, other say to only eat animal food. Vegan, paleo, ketogenic, Mediterranean, and the list goes on. How to make sense of what diet is right for you?

In my first year of naturopathic medical school, I began hearing about Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez who was helping patients with terminal cancer and chronic degenerative diseases far outlive their prognosis. I couldn’t believe the articles and case studies he published. The results were miraculous.

I learned that part of the protocol was metabolically typing, where each person is genetically designed to eat a different diet from high plant food to high animal food and everywhere in between. Finally, the conflicting dietary information made sense!

My grandmother’s cancer was also unique in that it tends to happen in individuals that are too alkaline by nature. People who are too alkaline tend to be artist, social butterflies, and night owls. They like comfort. They are emotionally calm, and are prone to fatigue, depression, and immune issues. These people are the exact opposite of those who are too acidic, who are Type A, organized, goal oriented, quick to anger, and prone to anxiety, high blood pressure, and digestive issues. My grandmother totally fit the archetype of someone who was too alkaline. Finally, her illness made sense.

Soon after learning about The Gonzalez Protocol®, Dr. Gonzalez suddenly passed away. I reached out to his wife, Mary Beth, expressing my interest in any future educational opportunities. After many emails and hours of phone calls about The Gonzalez Protocol®, I was honored to be invited to be part of The Gonzalez Foundation’s efforts to develop an educational seminar for doctors. I worked on the project for nearly 3years, going through Dr. Nick’s personal notes and case files to help write the teaching manuals, and then lead lectures during two seminars in the summer of 2021.

I am so happy to be offering The Gonzalez Protocol® to those who are looking for an alternative. Every person that I can help is an honor to my grandmother’s life.

In Health,
-Dr. Alex

Dr. Alex Orton is Certified in The Gonzalez Protocol® by The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation after attending their Educational Seminar in 2021. As developed by Nicholas Gonzalez M.D., The Gonzalez Protocol® offers a customized nutritional protocol of diet, supplements and detoxification for a natural approach to cancer, other degenerative diseases as well as general wellness and prevention.

What’s Included

➤ Individualized diet based on your unique metabolic bio-individuality

➤ Individualized supplement protocol based on your metabolism, deficiencies, and organ system imbalances

➤ Pancreatic enzymes for anti-cancer effects

➤ Specific detoxification routines for deep cellular cleansing, designed your metabolism

➤ Practical education around water filtration, home detoxification, cooking, etc.

➤ Lifestyle, emotional, and spiritual practices for stimulating the vital force