Does this sound like your experience?

  • You are putting in time, energy and money to help feel better and you still feel the same
  • You feel an underlying fear: “Can I really heal? I’ve already tried so much...”
  • You know that your health is related to factors that go beyond just running and taking supplements
  • You are afraid that in order to feel better you need to change every aspect of your entire life and there is no opportunity for you to enjoy your life
  • You are so confused with all of the conflicting information that is on the internet
  • Going to the doctor is a continuously disappointing experience for you because you can’t get the answers that you need or the solution that actually works
  • Yes, you have been to an integrative or functional medicine doctor before who ran some labs and recommended a few things, but it didn’t ultimate lead to the changes you hoped for
  • You want to improve your health to be there for your (future) children, to provide for them to the best of your ability

Is this what you are looking for?

  • A guide who can understand what you are experiencing and help get you to the root cause of your issue
  • The confidence to know exactly what you should or shouldn’t be eating or taking
  • When you read information online, to easily discern what is relevant to you and what is not that big of a deal
  • To spend less time doing all of your research so you will have more time manifesting the life that you want to live
  • To have a plan that feels do able and achievable and financially can fit in your budget
  • More insight on exactly what is going on with you and what you could do about it in your own daily life.
  • Most importantly regain the confidence to know that you can feel better with the work that you are putting in.

The process of becoming a patient at Haven is smooth and straightforward:


Sign up for a Free Consultation

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Step 2

Complete at-home evaluation kit

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Step 3

Begin your individualized program

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Our mission is to help you find the answers that you have been looking for

What’s Included

➤ Easy at home food intolerance evaluation (no long blood draws!)

➤ Food intolerance evaluation

➤ Guides to be successful with incorporating your intolerance

➤ Four 60-minute ‘office hours’ calls to answer specific questions

➤ Easy to understand results emailed to you

➤ Access to educational video content on our private platform to provide the necessary resources to thrive

➤ Specific guides to your intolerance with recipes, tips, and product lists so you can be successful

➤ Community: Invitation to our Haven Family FB group to ask questions and learn more about different health topics

What’s Included

➤ Shifting mindset towards healing

➤ Individualized nutrition plan

➤ Individualized supplement plan

➤ Targeted detoxification routines

➤ Optimizing your daily routine

➤ Creating a healthy home environment

➤ Self-reflective practices for mental/emotional health

➤ Lifestyle practices for vitality: sleep, movement, breath, nature, relationships, etc.

➤ And more...