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The Biggest Impact On My Health

The Biggest Impact On My Health - YouTube One of the most important things in my own life is eating clean, especially when I'm at home. I find that when I eat Read More

Simple Assessment For Your Digestive Tract

Simple Assessment For Your Digestive Tract - YouTube If you want to understand how your digestive system is functioning, here's a very simple tool. Guys, the body's communicating with us in all Read More

People Taking Too Many Supplements

5 People Taking So Many Suppl - YouTube So I just saw a patient the other day and her functional medicine doctor prescribed her all this. And I said, for what? Read More

My Top 5 Favorite Healthy Snacks

What are some healthy snacking options that you can have? Should you even be snacking at all? There are so many conflicting theories and opinions on snacking out there. Some say Read More

Ketchup Is Healthy!

When I grew up, I loved ketchup. I put it on everything from pasta to even fruit sometimes. How crazy is that? However, when I learned about health specific things that are Read More

How Working Out Prevents Healing

How Working Out Prevents Healing - YouTube I had a patient who couldn't lose any amount of weight for 15 years. She was doing HIIT workouts five days a week, plus Read More

Gain The Tools To Overcome

Gain The Tools to Overcome - YouTube It's something that I have to live with my entire life. And it was something that was incurable. When I was 15, I remember Read More

Food Sensitivity Tests Are Bologna!

Food sensitivity tests are baloney - YouTube What is a food sensitivity test? A food sensitivity test is looking at antibodies that are floating around in your bloodstream for different foods. What's Read More

Find What Tools Work For You

Find What Tools Work For You - YouTube In our practice, we see individuals that have a chronic illness, or want to optimize their health because they are committed to the Read More

Best Overnight Oats Ever

Best Overnight Oats Ever - YouTube Do you know that rolled oats are actually cooked? They have to steam the oats before rolling them out, unlike steel cut oats, which are Read More

Avoid This Common Food Toxin

Avoid This Common Food Toxin! - YouTube Outside of your food intolerance, we definitely want you to avoid the top dietary toxins. So five things to remember. The first is vegetable oils. Vegetable Read More

5 Easy Steps to Detoxify Your Body Today

Almost everyone is familiar with the word “detox” or detoxification. We all have the basic understanding that we continuously need to eliminate toxins out of our bodies to improve our Read More

Viewing 15 - 26 out of 26 posts