We started where many patients do - raised on processed foods and prescribed drugs to fix any health problem that arose throughout the years. We ate lots of mac and cheese and took many antibiotics for those cyclical sinus infections. Most healthcare options that we were exposed to only offered quick-fixes geared towards just managing the problem and treating a specific symptom. But we, like many others, were looking for more.

When we turned to alternative medicine, we found that in many cases, it mirrored conventional medicine of recommending a supplement for a symptom. Alternative medicine advocates from doctors to authors to bloggers seemed to have conflicting advice and views on diet, supplements, and therapies. Why? Why weren’t there options that looked at the individual needs of each person rather than a one size fits all protocol? Why weren’t there practices that actually helped to guide the client up the mountain of health instead of just recommending expensive lab work and supplements?

It was this lack of truly holistic healthcare that inspired Haven. We found that there were too few practices that empowered people with the proper education and resources to be their best health advocate. We hope to give you the individual tools, resources, and education so that YOU can thrive on this planet.

We understand that healing is a journey and that it must be tailored towards each person. A big reason for this is because we are walking our own healing path everyday. If you are seeking an opportunity to be empowered with your health. An opportunity to put your health on your shoulders - not the shoulders of anyone or anything else - we want to be your guide.

Welcome to Haven.

Our Reviews

  • Drs. Alex and Kolby provided clear direction about what I should and should not be eating. What a difference. Way more energy and feeling healthy! Two very cool guys. Wicked smart. And passionate about holistic health and helping people to, basically, heal themselves and live a high energy life. Total thumbs up!

    Show More - Bruce V.
  • I can’t say enough about Dr. Alex Orton and Dr. Kolby Ourada. After a couple visits and determining my food intolerance, I have never felt better…I recommend them highly. YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY FEEL BETTER.

    - Gail L.
  • The work I’ve done with Alex at Haven has been nothing short of miraculous. I started back in July, feeling like I would never recover from chronic fatigue and severe bradycardia, with a lot of pain from endometriosis that would take me out every month.

    Fast forward to now…I’m not suffering anymore! Doing the healing program with Haven is TRULY an investment, with a life-changing payoff.

    Show More - Elmo P.


Real Stuff

  • Not afraid to do the work (member of Aubrey Marcus’s Fit For Service and Kelly Brogan’s Vital Life Project)
  • Doesn’t like deep dish even though born and raised Chicago
  • Reads a few books a month. Any suggestions are welcome!
  • Did 30 straight days of cold plunging in Lake, MI - check out Haven’s Instagram for the highlights
  • Overcame severe speech dysfunction as a child using the same tools he teaches his clients

Fun Stuff

  • Favorite drink is a Matcha latte sweetened with raw honey.
  • Can touch his tongue to his nose. Still can’t find a use for it!
  • A glass of old vine pinot from southern France while watching the sunset is his ideal night.
  • Training for the Konoko by SealFit for his upcoming birthday
  • Loves Dave Matthews (been to over 30 shows)

Dr. Cred

  • Nutrition and Health Science degree from University of Nebraska - Go Big Red!
  • Graduated Salutatorian (Dr. Alex beat him by .4!) from Naturopathic Medical School
  • Involved in traditional post doctoral education with Weston A Price Foundation, Naturopathic Medicine Institute, International Foundation of Nutrition Sciences, and The Carroll Institute
  • Mentored by some amazing vitalistic doctors like Dr. Letitia (“Tish”) Dick-Kronenberg and Dr. Tom Cowan
  • Helps to plan The Gathering by Naturopathic Medicine Institute bringing in some of the best speakers in alternative medicine


Real Stuff

  • Born and raised in the Chicagoland suburbs (but doesn’t eat hot dogs anymore)
  • Very supportive family of two married parents and two younger sisters
  • Many odd jobs: organic landscaping, farm hand, park district, sub-sandwich chef, roadie for outdoor winter ski concerts
  • Went to Colorado for college where I discovered the healing power of nature
  • My girlfriend Nicole is an incredible acupuncturist and life partner


  • Collecting and listening to records (90s alternative rock anyone?)
  • Hiking and camping (almost been eaten by bears twice)
  • Jumping in freezing cold natural bodies of water
  • Lord of the Rings and other epic hero adventure movies
  • Trying exotic foods from around the world
  • The Utah desert and everything about it
  • Biking around the city
  • Eckhart Tolle and being in the present moment

Dr. Cred

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies, Colorado Mountain College
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Valedictorian of my class
  • Owner and Founder of Haven
  • Trainings/Certifications Classical Homeopathy:
    • Somatic Experiencing
    • Yoga Teacher Training
    • Holistic Counseling
    • Constitutional Hydrotherapy
    • International Foundation for Nutrition and Health
    • The Gonzalez Protocol®