The only thing we require of our patients is that they are ready for their healing path and to take personal responsibility for their health. If you’re open to a new possibility to live, one that is filled with hope, we want you to join us.

You have to decide that for yourself. We teach our patients that healing is an inborn power we all have. After millions of years of evolution, we are uniquely adapted to the conditions of this planet — self healing mechanisms to allow for incredible resiliency. We are designed not only to survive, but to thrive. You hold the key. We can show you the door, but you must. The people who work with us have experienced profound results.

At Haven, we deeply individualize everyone’s diet based on three components: food intolerances, metabolic individuality, and traditional therapeutic foods. First, we assess food intolerances. Food intolerances are constitutional enzyme deficiencies that we inherited from our ancestors. Next, we assess metabolic individuality. Everyone has a unique metabolic balance based on their cellular pH, ranging from acidic to alkaline and everywhere in between. Metabolic individuality is the reason why some people thrive on a vegetarian diet, some thrive on a Mediterranean diet, and some thrive on a paleolithic or ketogenic diet. Finally, after identifying a person’s food intolerances and metabolic individuality, we recommend traditional therapeutic foods to each person based on their nutritional needs.

Functional medicine finds biochemical imbalances in the body and uses specific supplements to address the numbers on the lab work to realign the body. Although that has its place you can also very easily see that you are much greater than numbers on a lab. You have past life experiences, everyday actions, and thoughts that greatly impact your health - every single day. We find that many alternative health care practitioners have good intentions but they don’t take into account the whole person. You are a unique, conscious individual living in a complex world. You have to address your unique imbalances that are much greater than biochemical pathways.

The first step for any potential client is to schedule a free consultation using the green button on each page that says ‘Schedule a Free Consultation.’ This is an opportunity for one of the doctors to get to know you, your health goals, and health concerns to make sure that you will be a good fit at Haven. We don’t want to waste your time or our time so this gives us an opportunity to have an open and honest conversation to get to know each other a little better. This conversation usually lasts about 20-30 minutes and there is no cost to you.

We see patients across all walks of life in our office. Many patients have chronic conditions like hypothyroidism, hormonal dysregulation, or ulcerative colitis. Many of these people are on or have been on every pharmaceutical drug out there and still not getting any relief. Other patients of ours can’t figure out what is wrong even after seeing every specialist in the country. Their labs come back normal, they are eating clean, but they still know that something deeper is not right and they are looking to find out what that is and how to solve it. We also have patients that just want to optimize their health. These individuals are already very aware of what they are putting into their body and they want specific, detailed and individual guidance that will allow for them to achieve their optimal health. No matter what your issue is we have the tools and resources to help you reach your health goals.

Yes. We both attended naturopathic medical school at National University of Health Sciences, one of seven accredited naturopathic medical schools in North America. The education consists of four years of post-baccalaureate medical education consisting of all of the basic sciences and clinical sciences of conventional medical school in additional to naturopathic courses in philosophy and various natural healing modalities. Therefore, we are trained to understand both western medical diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as the naturopathic approach to healing.

We have developed the current methodology of Haven through extensive extra-curricular training, shadowing, interning, and exploration. This is a different education than certified naturopaths, who can do a one-year online certification and use the N.D. abbreviation after their names.

Naturopathic licensure is done on a state level, and there are currently over 20 states that fully license naturopathic doctors as physicians who are able to take insurance, work in medical clinics, and often prescribe pharmaceutical drugs. Illinois is currently not one of them. This means that we cannot call ourselves physicians and we cannot officially diagnose diseases in a way that’s recognized by the local healthcare community, though we are trained to do so. This poses no problem to our philosophy, which is based on a holistic evaluation of each individual instead of disease management. We are well equipped to recognize potential problems and refer patients out when necessary.

We do not take insurance. We do accept HSA and FSA cards, as many of our patients pay with some or all of their program with these types of flex spending accounts. We found that if we accepted insurance this put us in a bind in terms of the time we spend with patients and the therapies that we use to make sure they are covered by the patient’s insurance. We accept cash, credit, or check. Many of our patients do some type of payment plan that allows for them to have flexibility with their payments.

Yes we do! About half of our patient population is outside of IL. The virtual patient experience is very similar to our in office experience. You will be sent an easy evaluation kit to complete at home with detailed instructions. The appointments are done via phone or zoom (whatever you prefer) and the transformational healing journey is created for you!

Absolutely not. In our practice, we use a wide variety of evaluation techniques that are included in your program. We rely on outside lab work only when necessary and usually have our patients get the recommended labs done with their PCP so they can use their insurance. We also work directly with specific lab companies to request lab work for our patients which saves our patients time and money if they don’t want to see their PCP.

The other evaluations that we use are designed to give us a bigger picture view of the body and are not meant to diagnose disease themselves. They show us where imbalances are occurring, which guides our analysis and treatment planning. All of our evaluation techniques have a strong tradition and hundreds of years of effective clinical use, which we apply using modern technology to understand the body from a more functional and holistic perspective.

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Your doctor will take your intake paperwork, the results of your evaluations and the in depth comprehensive consultation to design your specific program. Your program will be broken down into phases. Before each phase you will receive your specific plan which induces education, detoxification routines, nutritional and supplemental recommendations, and lifestyle changes to implement for that phase. All of this information is tailored directly towards your needs by your doctor. The appointments to go over each phase usually lasts between 60 - 75 minutes. Each phase is usually between 4-6 weeks depending on the person. However, all this is tailored to your needs. There is a shorter 20 - 30 minute check in every 2-3 weeks to discuss your plan, progress and answer any questions. Throughout this time you also have access to Haven’s online platform where all of the information is explained in depth for you to have the necessary education and tools to succeed. Lastly, throughout your entire program you have access to the expertise of your doctor who will walk you throw any problem or concern to help you achieve the health that we all deserve.

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Unlike many other doctors and nutritionists, we do not recommend one diet for everyone but heavily individualize each person’s diet to suit each unique body and metabolism. The main goals of the dietary recommendations are three fold: to provide the nutrient dense foods; to eliminate food intolerances and food combinations that the body cannot process in order to decrease the toxic load on the body; and to balance the autonomic nervous system.

There are two branches of the ANS, the sympathetic branch and the parasympathetic branch. Every person has a predisposition for autonomic balance, from extremely sympathetic to extremely parasympathetic and everywhere in between. Alkalizing foods tend to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, while acidifying foods tend to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.

While most people over-generalize the metabolism by believing that we need to eat an alkaline diet and stimulate the parasympathetic system, this is only true from some people. Some people have a hyperactive parasympathetic system with blood that is too alkaline. Therefore, our patients are given individualized dietary programs that can range from mostly vegetarian to highly carnivorous.

We consider supplementation to be an invaluable tool for regaining health. After decades of industrial farming and food production, our soils are depleted of many minerals, vitamins, and trace elements required for proper physiological function. And due to the stress of modern fast-paced life and high levels of chemicals in our environment, our organ function is often compromised.

Supplementation can help to replenish the body of nutrients, along with a proper wholesome diet, and support organs that are stressed, all while stimulating the body to heal. All the supplements we recommend have been extensively researched and hand selected for their quality and clinical effectiveness. Supplements are always individualized and are only a part of the health plans we create for our patients.

In today’s toxic world, detoxification is a critical component of a holistic health plan. Detoxification is meant to stimulate the organs within the body that process internal and environmental waste products, like the liver, kidneys, skin, and colon.

We offer our patients a variety of detoxification programs based on their own unique health needs, including at-home and in-office routines. In-office routines include Constitutional Hydrotherapy for patients that are in IL. At-home detox routines are easy to do and provide ongoing treatment that you can do on your own, like castor oil packs, juice fasts, colon cleanse, and coffee enemas. While detoxification may seem abstract, most people grow to love the routines we recommend because they make them feel so much bett

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about holistic care and the Haven approach to medicine.

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