How Working Out Prevents Healing

How Working Out Prevents Healing - YouTube

I had a patient who couldn't lose any amount of weight for 15 years. She was doing HIIT workouts five days a week, plus walking all around the city from, to work, to get her groceries, etc.

She couldn't lose a single pound. She stopped doing so many HIIT workouts and started actually feeling what her body needed. Taking breaks, doing mindfulness practice, going on long walks, and she literally lost 15 pounds and she looks like a completely different person.

She's glowing. It's crazy. People are doing five HIIT workouts a week and they can't heal. If your body is that stressed out, how can you heal? So before working out harder to lose weight, consider what your body actually needs metabolically.

So that way you're not draining yourself. I'm Dr. Alex, Haven, Chicago.